FYI Friday – Keeping Active in an Office

As I mentioned yesterday in my post, I gave a presentation on Healthy Living in an office environment. I decided it would make a perfect thing to share today for FYI Friday.

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For many, many years I worked as a waitress. Waitressing was good money that allowed me to put myself through University but I was more than happy to put it behind me when I got my first job as a Dietitian. I actually gave my notice the exact same day as I got my job offer.

After I started working in an office environment, I noticed something. My clothes started to feel a bit snugger. I hadn’t changed my eating habits but I realized the change was in my lifestyle. With waitressing I was walking a lot. I never wore a pedometer while waitressing but I sure wish I had because during an 8 hour shift on my feet, I put in a lot of miles. So even if I wasn’t exercising regularly (which I wasn’t back then), I was getting a decent amount of exercise at work. Sitting in an office environment is completely different. You are not getting activity throughout the day.

Recent research is showing that even for those who exercise regularly your chances of mortality are largely increased if you work in a sedentary environment. So I have devised some tips to keep active in an office environment.

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1. Schedule Activity

When you schedule meetings at work you ensure that you are available and attend them. Treat physical activity the exact same way. Schedule it into your day, so that you are prepared for it and plan the rest of your day around it.

2. Lunchtime

Make lunchtime active. If lunch is your only time of day to get in a workout take advantage of that time. But even if you are planning a workout outside of your lunch hour, try taking a walk during your lunch break to add some activity into your day.

3. Active Meetings

If you’re having a meeting that doesn’t require any equipment, host active meetings. Take meetings to the street where you can walk and talk at the same time. All of your coworkers will benefit from the increased activity and you may just find increased productivity as your brains are working rather than sleeping during another sedentary meeting.

4. Walk to coworkers desks

When you need to talk to someone, rather than picking up the phone or emailing the person, get up and walk to their desk. As you’re doing that, take the long way around. Make an extra lap around the office on your way to and from their desk.

5.  Use an activity tracker or pedometer

Activity trackers or pedometers are really motivating to increase your activity. You can set yourself goals of steps to reach and you will have more motivation to get up once in a while during your work day and walk around. Also, with many activity trackers you can set sedentary alerts so you are notified if you have been sitting for an hour. It’s a great cue to get up and take a little walk.

Being active throughout your day is all about the little changes.

Do you take breaks during your day to get in some activity?


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    What I’ve been doing for about 2 years made a HUGE difference. We have a single bathroom, so every time I go to the restroom I quickly bust out 10 squats of some form. It takes me about 30 seconds and I drink a lot of water haha, so I bust out a lot of squats during the day. It keeps me active!
    Mia @ MakeMeUpMia recently posted…#PRAYFORMAYBERRYMy Profile

  2. says

    I love all these tips – and I agree office work is sedentary but it doesn’t have to be.

    ALSO – I love Mia’s comment about busting out 10 squats every time she heads to the ladies room!

    :) Got to stay active! One way or another!
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