Family Camping & New York Marathon Training Recap

Well hello and happy Monday. I feel that I say that every single Monday but I don’t really know how else to intro a Monday post. First world problems eh?

I had a fantastic weekend. I headed up to Garner Lake Provincial Park in northern Alberta for an annual family camping trip with Tom’s family. I look forward to this trip every year and once again this weekend didn’t disappoint!

We headed out Thursday night after work. It was a long drive, made even longer by the construction we got stuck in for 45 minutes along the way. Regardless, we made it and the weekend fun began.


Friday, Tom and I got up early and headed out for our long run. I have never ran further than a half marathon so I was a little scared about the planned 16 mile run. The course we took was incredibly hilly and challenging. But despite the distance and hills, I conquered the run. I felt great and stronger than I ever have.

The rest of Friday was mostly spent lazing around and playing games.


Saturday was a busy day, we started with making stepping-stones. About 10 years ago Tom’s family each made a stepping stone for their family. As families have changed over the years we decided to update the stepping stones. Each family or family member made their own stone and decorated it to represent themselves. They turned out so great.

stepping stones

Tom and I decorated ours to represent our running and travelling as that takes up the majority of our lives.


After we each finished ours, we let the kids make their own stepping stone. They went to town with the stones & glitter and it turned out, well…sparkly.

P1060570 P1060589


After the stepping stones it was time for some games. We started with a scavenger hunt.


If the scavenger hunt had been for the person to collect the most mosquito bites, I definitely would have won! After the scavenger hunt there was a ninja paint game that got everyone, including the adults pretty colourful.


Then the whole family got together to try out an epic family selfie!

family selfie

Yup, we are that cool!

Overall an incredible weekend and I’m already counting down the days to next years trip.

Now for a recap of my New York Marathon training this week. I missed a couple of workouts this week but I’m glad I at least got my long run in as planned.

Plan Actual Comments
Monday Strength Rest I have no real reason but I was tired and I skipped my workout Monday
Tuesday 6 Miles 6 Miles + Abs 6 miles on treadmill
Wednesday Hills + Abs Hills/Stairs + Abs 1 mile warm-up run, 2 repeats hills,  2 repeats stairs, 1 mile cool-down run
Thursday Rest Rest
Friday 16 Miles 16 Miles Hilly & challenging but completed!
Saturday Walk/Yoga Walk
Sunday 6 Miles + Abs Rest I slept in during camping and didn’t get up for my morning run.

Do you have any annual family traditions? How was your weekend?