Why lying isn’t always bad

I have a confession to make. I’m a liar.

liar gif2

I lie…to get myself out the door. Many days I just don’t have the motivation to get out and run. I tell myself that I’ll just go out for a quick, easy run and that I’ll stop at 5 km and call that good. Meanwhile I know that once I get out there I’ll end up finishing my entire scheduled run.

I lie…to get myself to run the extra mile. I tell myself I only have to run until the next mile and then I can turn around and go back. Meanwhile I know that once I get to that next mile I’ll push on to finish up the planned miles.

I lie….to get myself to push harder. I tell myself that each set of intervals is my last and make myself push harder because it’s my last one. Meanwhile, I know I will do more.

I lie…to get myself stronger. I tell myself that I’ll just do five ab moves and call that good, after all I’m not going for a six pack. Meanwhile I know that once I start my five moves, I’ll finish off my entire ab routine.

I lie…to get myself to stretch farther. I tell myself that I only have to roll out my IT bands because they are really the most important. Meanwhile, I know that once I start foam rolling I’ll spend half an hour rolling out every part of my legs.

Even though I tell myself these lies time and time again, I still believe them every time. And if lying is what it takes to get myself to push harder, go further and be better, then I’m okay with being a liar.

Do you lie to yourself?  What tricks do you use to motivate or push yourself?