FYI Friday – What is Gluten?

Happy Friday everyone! Turns out yesterday I was wrong about my weekend plans, I’m not going to Calaway Park until Saturday. So suddenly I have a Friday all freed up. That never seems to happen. Although I don’t work Fridays, I always have something on the go.

Since it’s Friday, it also means it’s time for my FYI Friday post.

FYI friday

Gluten has been a hot nutrition topic for well over a year now. It seems every second person you talk to is on a gluten-free diet for one reason or another. Recently, I saw this clip from Jimmy Kimmel:

I’ll describe the clip in case you aren’t able to watch it because you are at work. 😉 Basically, the clip is asking people on the street who eat a gluten-free diet what gluten is. And although all of them proudly exclaim that they eat gluten-free not a single person can describe what gluten is. Here is a list of their responses:

“This is pretty sad because I don’t know”

“Gluten is like…it’s like a grain, right?”

“It’s the wheat and products such as like bread, pastas, rice”

“It is part of the wheat that….I really don’t know”

I laughed so hard at this clip because it describes everything that’s wrong with nutrition. Everyone thinks they’re an expert yet nobody has a clue!

nothing gif

It astounds me that so many people will blindly follow a diet or cut something out of their diet without having a clue what it is. The bandwagon effect is strong when it comes to the newest diet craze.


I want you to take a moment to think about your current diet. Are you cutting something out of your diet right now? Do you know why? Like do you really know why. If the answer is no or “my friend from Russia is reading a book on it”, it’s time to start doing some research from reputable sources!

Nutrition research is incredibly confusing and it’s changing all the time. If you get caught up in the lingo or are finding conflicting information your best bet is to turn to a professional, a Registered Dietitian. :)

Bottom line: Think critically for yourself and evaluate the reasoning and science behind any diet craze before hopping on board.

So what are my thoughts on gluten? I’m not going to go into a lengthy discussion on the research but suffice to say, I eat gluten every day of my life and I feel great! (please note, that I do not have any medical condition that would prevent me from eating gluten).

Also, FYI Gluten is a type of protein found in many grains such as wheat, rye, barley & triticale.

Did you know what gluten was? What’s the craziest diet bandwagon you jumped on?




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    Oh man, since you brought up gluten I HAVE to comment on something a not-so-smart 20 year old dude was telling his mom about gluten (note: he’s a “cook” at a restaurant).

    “All flour is actually gluten free, it just appears when you add water to flour”.

    And then my brain exploded and I had to leave the room.

    Also, I DID know that gluten was the protein found in wheat and other such grains :)
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    I totally agree that this gluten free craze has gotten out of control and the shit people are replacing with (white rice flour) is even worse than the gluten itself!!

    I went gluten free during my pregnancy, hear me out. I have colitis and was flared and read wheat belly and thought it wouldn’t hurt to give it a try. It made my heart burn better AND my flare healed! However, I don’t know if I can attribute it to not eating gluten or just eating a more well balanced diet when I cut out the gluten. Regardless, I usually cut it out if I flare up just because it’s a trigger but I just ate toast for breakfast and feel great! 😉

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      No worries, you don’t have to explain yourself. But you made part of my point in an argument against gluten. Most people when they go gluten free are just eliminating a lot of processed foods and and junk from their diet. So of course you feel better but its not necessarily gluten that was the culprit.

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    Great post! If someone wants to be gluten free or eliminate other stuff from their diet then good for them, BUT it’s important to have a good reason to do it, otherwise I just find it silly. I completely agree with you that people need to do their own research before jumping into a diet.
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