Pictures That Never Made the Blog #2

Hey there! A while back I posted pictures that never made the blog. It was kind of a fun way of showcasing parts of my life that never got shown on the blog and since I just did an upload of my phone photos before leaving for New Zealand, it seemed like the perfect time to do that again.

pictures that never made the blog


This was from BlogFest, I think Susie was taking a pledge to veggies! 

running outfit

I get really excited when my running outfits are bright and still look put together rather than a hot mess of colours.


Making smores outside the Delta Lodge at Kananaskis the weekend we stayed there. What a fun idea. I think it was probably meant for kids, but hey, we are kids at heart.


Trying some jumping photos on our hike. Doesn’t Tom look like Dorothy clicking his heels? Plus his vertical jump is very impressive!

tom balloon

Tom bought this balloon for his sister when we were in Toronto for her birthday. But I made him walk around with it back to our hotel room.

toms family

Tom’s family is HUGE (6 sisters), so when we decide to take a group walk when camping, it’s quite the sight to see.

crazy hair

I’m usually shower at night and go to bed with my hair wet because I’m too lazy to blowdry. This particular day my hair seemed very large and lion mane like. I couldn’t decide if it looked good or bad. I ultimately ended up putting it up in a ponytail because it seemed a little too crazy. But what do you think? Would you have rocked the crazy hair or did I make the right call with the ponytail?




How to Fit Strength Training Into Your Routine

fitting strength training in with running

Hello everyone, while I’m away in New Zealand I’m so happy to be able to provide you with a guest post. I met Ariana at BlogFest. When I found out she was a fellow Canadian blogger, we were instantly bonded. Ariana is a personal trainer so I was very excited when she pitched the idea… 

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Impressions of New Zealand

I guess it's sort of pretty here 
#NewZealand #wanderlust #Travelbug #travelgram #wandering #nature #beauty #traveller #traveltheworld

Hello everyone! I was planning on blogging a lot sooner but my vision of blogging as we were driving in the motorhome in New Zealand wasn’t as easy as I anticipated. Not only did I not have the wifi I thought we would have in the motorhome, the winding roads made casual blogging not only… 

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My Biggest Pet Peeves

office space meme

We all have those things that drive us up the wall. For everyone they’re different but today I wanted to share a couple of my biggest pet peeves. 1. Blogs who have the share buttons along the side that block the text As a blogger, I love reading other blogs. But when I come across… 

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Rock the House 10km Recap

rock the house

On Sunday, before I left for New Zealand, Tom and I ran the Ronald McDonald Rock the House 10km. Tom signed us up for this race so honestly I didn’t know  a whole lot about it. It wasn’t until the night before that I looked at the website and saw they encouraged dressing up in… 

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