FYI Friday– How to make Christmas stress-free

Hello Friday! End of the week is here and I’m super excited. I’m heading to my hometown this weekend and get to celebrate a belated birthday with my sister.

Since it’s Friday that means it’s time for some FYI. Please join me and link up your post at the bottom.

FYI friday

Christmas is less than a week away. That makes me squeal with delight!

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Seriously, I love Christmas and the whole holiday season. But I know not everyone feels this way. So often I hear “I can’t wait until the holidays are over”, “Christmas is so stressful” or something else to this effect. These words make me so sad. There is so much joy that can be brought by the holiday season yet some people aren’t feeling that joy.

I completely understand why people think the holidays are stressful. I find myself blessed for inheriting my Dad’s laid back attitude. I truly don’t get stressed out often because I figure everything will work itself out but I know that’s not everyone’s personality type.

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I have learnt there are 3 main stressors that make the holidays unenjoyable for people, well it’s Jen to the rescue because I have a few ideas how to manage these stresses so everyone can enjoy the holidays!

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This is probably the biggest stressor of Christmas and I get it. There are often so many people on our list to buy for that it becomes a daunting task and a huge dent to the wallet. Believe me, I know. Take a look under my tree to see how many presents I’ve bought this year.



How to deal:

Remember what Christmas is about

To me Christmas is about spending time with those I love, not material things. I truly mean it when I say if I didn’t get any presents that would be okay with me.

Now take a look at your list, are there other people on your list who would feel the same way. Maybe just a card letting someone know you were thinking of them at this time is enough. A coffee visit with a friend is worth way more to me than a set from Bath & Body Works.

 Stick to a budget

 You know those gambling commercials that say “set a limit, stay within it”. That totally applies to Christmas shopping. First, set a Christmas budget. Decide how much you can afford to spend on each person and set that as your limit. Do not go over it. Just don’t. One more little thing won’t make the difference to the person you love but it can make the difference to your credit card statement.

Set a Christmas budget early so that you have time to save up for the expenses. This will prevent the after Christmas credit card statement stress. I always think of my Mom when it comes to this. My Mom starts saving for Christmas in January. She sets money aside the whole year and then when it comes to Christmas shopping, the money is there and there is no stress. It’s genius!

Pare down on the kids stuff

Kids are tricky. While I can give a card to an adult letting them know I’m thinking of them, kids don’t quite get that. Also, I want to give kids that Christmas magic. I mean who doesn’t remember waking up Christmas morning and the excitement you felt seeing presents underneath the tree. I don’t want to take that away from kids but I do think it can be cut back.

When I see kids toy rooms these days it’s incredible to see how much stuff they have compared to what I had when I was growing up. Are those kids any happier because they have more stuff? I really don’t think so. Kids already have a wonderful gift, imagination; they need very few material things to have fun. So let’s remember that and pare down on the things and stuff that they receive.

Doing things with your kids is a better gift than a toy will ever be. Take your kids skating, go driving around and look at Christmas lights or bake some cookies and enjoy them with hot chocolate. It’s the memories that have worth, not the toys. 


There can be so much to prepare for or so much to do during the holidays that it starts to feel completely overwhelming and that you have no time to relax.

How to Deal:

Quality time

 Like I said, Christmas is about spending time with the people you love. However, seeing all those people can get tricky and actually cause some stress. Some people end up going to 4 different places on Christmas Day. That’s just madness.

For me, when it comes to spending time with those I love I want it to be quality time. Christmas day is just a day. You can spend that time with the family and get together any other day. I’d much rather spend quality time with people on multiple days than trying to jam it all into one day.

Early preparations

 I said this yesterday I feel so excited about Christmas this year because I’m ready. For once, I did all my shopping early and I have to say it’s genius! Truly, if you’re a last minute shopper you have to try this early shopping thing. It meant no huge crowds at malls, no frantic choosing a present for someone just to be done and no circling the parking lot for stalls and then creepily following someone with your car out of the mall to take their stall.


This is the time of year we start thinking about what we want for next year. Resolution time is right around the corner however the holiday season is full of indulgences. Balancing the two ideas can become confusing and very stressful.

How to Deal:

 Just Enjoy!

I know I have talked about holiday seasons and managing treats and how to avoid weight gain but sometimes we have to throw that out the window.

We shouldn’t be thinking about how many scoops of mashed potatoes are okay or if that one shortbread cookie will go to your thighs. That leads to added stress which doesn’t make you happy and doesn’t make you healthy. Enjoyment of food is a huge part of health so allow yourself to enjoy. The shortbread cookies might only come once a year so have one, don’t think about it, just do it and enjoy it.


Do you enjoy the holidays? Do you have any tips to manage the stress?


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