Thinking Out Loud #16

Happy Thursday! As I mentioned yesterday, this week is taking forever to finish but today is my last day of work this week, hurray! My entire week has been crazy, I’ve had so much on the go so today will be a perfect day for a brain dump as I think out loud

thinking out loud


1. Last weekend Amanda, Jo & Sam met up for a girls weekend in Banff. I have now made it my mission to meet these ladies because they all seem so amazing and I already feel like I know them through their blogs. I have pretty much invited myself to their next get together and luckily, they seem willing to have me! Considering their get together ended up with 12 devoured cupcakes, I think I will definitely get along with them!

2. Last night I went to the Running Room to give a talk on nutrition & running and give away free chocolate milk! I love doing these talks and then getting a chance to run with the group. I have never done a running room clinic but it seems like a lot of fun to train with a group and complete a goal race together. 

powered by chocolate milk

running room

3. Speaking of running, I can now say I fully understand what people mean by going taper crazy. When I read about it before I thought, I don’t understand what these people are talking about, I can’t wait to taper! But your mind does weird things in the weeks leading up to a marathon. Suddenly you question everything you’ve ever done. Did I run enough? Should I have trained harder? Will skipping this workout be the detriment of my marathon? Is that pain in my knee going to bug me during the run? And the list goes on and on. With only 3 days left until marathon day, it really can’t come fast enough. I’m ready to get this done. 

tapering meme

4. Tom and I went shopping for our throw away gear. I have to be on a bus to Staten Island by 6 a.m. and don’t start running until 10:55. The mornings are chilly so most people bring clothes to keep them warm and then toss them at the start of the race. I saw Sue picking up a house coat for her throwaway clothes for the Marine Corps Martahon and thought that was the best idea ever!

Tom and I went to value village to look for some cheap clothes. I came out with some sweat pants, zip up hoodie and of course a house coat. When I showed Tom what I found, he just said “oh, you were serious about the house coat”. Heck yes, I’m serious! I am going to be mighty comfy pre-race. 

I also found this I love New York hoodie and seriously debated buying it but decided against it because it was a pullover and I really wanted a zip-up for ease of tossing.


5. Since we are leaving tomorrow, we will be missing all the Halloween festivities at home. I missed last year too because I was sick which sucked because I had a wicked costume. I still ended up putting on the costume and doing the makeup for the sake of pictures because, I felt someone should see my awesomeness!

effie trinket costume

In New York we are hoping to go to the Village Halloween Parade. It’s supposed to be really fantastic. I can’t wait to see the creative costumes people come up with. Tom wants to go to some haunted houses after that but I hate being scared. Like really, really hate it. Have you ever seen Ellen’s correspondent, Amy, going through a haunted house? That’s exactly how I am.

haunted house gif

6. Tonight since I can’t get my hair dyed before I leave, I am at least getting a blow-out. I have never done a blow out before because I work out too often that it doesn’t make any sense. But even though I will only have it for 2 days, I decided it was worth a little splurge to look good in New York. I am also getting my nails done. I’m trying to think of something representative of New York or the marathon, any ideas?


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Do you like scary halloween things? What are you dressing up as for Halloween? Have you ever had the taper crazies? 


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