Weekend & MEC Half Marathon Recap

I had an incredible weekend, I really can’t wait to share. It started Thursday night when I joined the Blog Well Summit’s pre twitter party. The Blog Well Summit is a virtual conference all about blogging, that was completely free! I have been really excited about this conference because there were so many great presentations lined up that I think would be hugely helpful to me.

blog well summit

I joined the twitter party and started mingling with other bloggers. At the end of the party it was announced that I won a full conference pass! The conference was free over the weekend but you can purchase a full conference pass to continue to access the videos. The timing couldn’t have worked out better because that night I convinced my friend from my hometown to come visit me over the weekend so I knew I wouldn’t be watching any of the live presentations. 

Friday I headed out for a short run and then prepared for my girls night. I picked up one of my local friends in Calgary and we headed to my house. We found a stash of my old mixed CD’s  that included many boy bands along with a lot of punk rock music.

mixed cd

We started to get our groove on while we prettied ourselves up for the night. 


We headed out to Aussie Rules, a piano bar and had the best night. We danced the night away, literally on our chairs (it’s encouraged there) and got a little crazy on stage. We belted out the tunes and I laughed harder than I remember laughing in a long time. Nights out with old friends just make my heart happy! 




Saturday, we headed out to do a bit of shopping. Though, we weren’t really in a shopping mood so we cut that short and decided to head for lunch instead. Food is always a good choice! That night we headed to National and met up with another one of my hometown friends who has moved to Calgary for a couple of drinks and chatting the night away. We didn’t get too crazy because I had a half marathon to run in the morning.

Sunday morning I headed to the MEC half marathon. I knew a couple of other local bloggers were running. I met up with Ange, Leana & Tina before the start of the race. As the race was about to begin, I said have a good race and took off. I assumed that I would be running by myself. I never really ask anyone to run with me because I typically do run/walk and I don’t want anyone else to be slowed by my pace. After a couple of minutes of running, Ange caught up with me and started running with me. Neither of us were trying to race because I don’t want to risk injury for New York and Ange is training for Ragnar and is running 4 half marathons this month (crazy, right?).

We got to running and chatting and fell into a good rhythm. My Garmin went off telling me to take my walk break but I just kept running. Ange told me to walk if I needed to that she didn’t mind but I didn’t feel I needed to. We spent the whole race running a steady pace and chatting the whole time. The miles really just flew by, when Ange said we were half way I couldn’t believe it and I hadn’t even walked! (aside from aid stations). 

I got a cramp around mile 11 and had to take one unscheduled race break but after about a minute of working it out I was good to go. The last mile of the race, my legs were feeling tired. I really wanted to walk but Ange was going strong and said her rule, is you never walk the last mile of the race. I figured, that’s a good rule. I could finish up one mile strong and we did! Leana had finished before us so she was there to cheer us on near the finish line and grab a picture (much appreciated). That gave me some fire to sprint to the finish. 

MEC half marathon

Official Finish Time: 2:19:25

Considering I wasn’t planning to race it I was very happy with that time AND it was my first ever half not walking. I realize I’m so much stronger than I give myself credit for. When you’re by yourself running its easy to feel you need to take a break but having someone there makes you push harder.

After the race, we grabbed a few photos of us and then I headed home.

MEC race

MEC half marathon

Photo from Leana

 But first, I stopped at Safeway to grab a glazed doughnut. I know, I just posted about not eating junk after a race on Friday but I do treat myself after races.


And today, while I would ordinarily be upset that it’s Monday I’m actually happy because Tom comes home today! He’s been on a boys adventure trip the past 12 days in Turkey & Jordan. I can’t wait to hear about all his adventures. I get to pick him up from the airport after work so the day is going to go extraordinarily slow while I wait for that.

How was your weekend? How are you feeling about Monday today – marvellous like me?

marvellous monday

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