FYI Friday – 5 tips for eating out healthy & a linkup

Happy Friday everyone! For a while on my blog I’ve done a regular feature called FYI Friday. These posts are focused on giving my readers valuable nutrition information.  Some of my previous FYI Friday posts include:

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These posts have always been well received by my readers. Lately, I got to thinking, there are so many other bloggers who have great information or tutorial posts that my readers (and I) would love. So I’ve decided to turn my FYI Friday into a link up. This means that any blogger can now link their informative posts so we can share in information. The posts can be on any topic, not just nutrition. As long as you’ve got some information to share, I want to hear it! 

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How to join:

  • Publish an informative post on Friday. Any topic ok and any format, be creative
  • Grab my button for your blog and make sure to link back somewhere on your post to Pretty Little Grub
  • Add your link to the link-up at the bottom of the post


Now my turn to share some information. I did a talk about eating out healthy this week at my weight loss class and I even learned some great tips from the participants. That’s what I love about teaching, you always learn from your students too!

eating out


1. Look at menu ahead of time

When you go to a restaurant its easy to become influenced into choosing non-healthy options. There are aromas in the air, you are likely hungry and there are enticing photographs prominently displayed on the menu. A lot of restaurants have their menus available online. This can hugely work to your advantage. 

You know how they say never go grocery shopping when you’re hungry, well choosing a menu item is the same concept. The best time to look at a menu is when you aren’t hungry. This takes some pre-planning. So if you are heading out for dinner, take a look at the online menu after you’ve finished your lunch. Plan exactly what you are going to have so that when you arrive at the restaurant you don’t even need to open the menu and face temptation.

2. Plan your day

Eating out healthy doesn’t mean that you can’t have items that you really love. For myself, I eat out very infrequently so its a treat and I often want to treat myself with a meal that’s maybe not quite as healthy. That’s perfectly fine as long as you consider the rest of your days intake to balance your choice.

If I plan to go to Olive Garden for supper and know I am going to have a breadstick…or two and fettuccini alfredo I will skip on the toast for breakfast and sandwich for lunch. Instead, I will focus on eating more vegetables and protein throughout the day to balance my evening meal. 

3. Take half home

Restaurant portion sizes are getting ridiculous. The concept of finishing everything on your plate does not apply when you’re eating out (or ever actually, but another topic for another day). When you order your meal, ask for a to-go container so that when your meal comes you can immediately place half of the portion into the box. This will reduce temptation to finish everything and picking at your meal after you’re finished. I know I’m guilty of saying I’m done with my meal and then picking at  1 more fry, 1 more fry, oh well there are only 10 fries left now I might as well eat them.

4. Share food

A great way to have some indulgences without overdoing it is to share food. Have one person order the burger & fries and the other person an entree salad. Split the meals up and now you can have half a burger, a small amount of fries and a salad. A much more sensible choice than a full burger and a plate of fries.

Sharing desserts is also a great way to satisfy your craving without overdoing it. A 1000 calorie piece of cheesecake after a full meal isn’t something that anyone really needs

share food

5. Ask for modifications

I am hereby giving you the right to be that annoying customer who asks for 100 modifications to their food. I waitressed for about 10 years so I think I’m qualified to do that.

You can make a lot of restaurant meals healthier by asking how things are prepared and asking for changes. For example, getting sauces, gravies & dressings on the side. You can ask for potatoes to be pan fried rather than deep fried. Some restaurants will even bake wings rather than deep-fry them. As for your toast to be dry so it isn’t slathered in a pound of butter.

Small changes can really make the difference to eating out. You can still enjoy the foods that you want and love with some small modifications.

What tips to you use to eat out healthy? What’s your favourite restaurant indulgence?

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