5 MAC Lipsticks Every Girl Needs

You know I’ve loved makeup for a long time but lipstick was something that took me a long time to get on board with. It seemed like so much work to touch it up all the time and plus I just assumed I would have it all over my face.

lipstick gif

But eventually one day I caved and wore lipstick and I liked it, no, I loved it. Lipstick finishes a look and makes me feel beautiful. Ever since then I’ve been addicted to lipstick. Despite the fact that Tom hates when I wear it. đŸ˜‰

I’ve tried all sorts of lipstick brands. You can get a wide range of colours in almost any brand but the most important factors are pigmentation and consistency. A highly pigmented lipstick will last for hours without needing to be reapplied. Similarly, a thicker consistency will stay put on your lips versus getting smeared all over. For me, the best of the best lipsticks come from MAC cosmetics.

Since I love MAC lipsticks they are the largest and most used part of my lipstick collection. So today I’ll share with you my top 5 favourite colours. 

Top 5 MAC cosmetics lipstick colors every girl needs in their makeup bag

1. MAC Red

Red lipstick is tricky to find the right colour. Some are too orange, some too blue, and some make you feel like you’re dancing for dollars. But MAC red is that perfect red colour that looks great on everyone.

I own a few different shades of MAC’s red lipsticks but this one is almost always my go-to colour.

MAC red lipstick

2. Speed Dial

For some reason, I cannot find a picture of me wearing this lipstick which is weird because I wear it a lot. (But see the swatches below). It’s a gorgeous pink. Not too bright so it can be worn during the day but bold enough to be worn for an evening out too.

3. Fan Fare

This might top the list as my all-time favourite lipstick. It’s a slightly yellow toned pink. It’s always my go-to for daytime because it’s pinker than a nude shade but still looks natural. 

MAC fanfare


4. Vegas Volt

This is a coral shade that is more on the orange side. I love the boldness of the lipstick. For someone with yellow undertones, it’s a great coral shade. For someone with blue undertones, you would probably be better with MACs Coral Bliss.

MAC vegas volt

5. Rebel

My absolute favourite colour for fall. It’s a gorgeous berry shade that pairs perfectly with a smokey eye or golden shimmer.

MAC rebel

MAC lipstick swatches

Any of these lipsticks would be a perfect gift for a beauty lover on your Christmas list this year. Also, check out my favourite MAC eyeshadows to pair with these lipsticks. 

Do you venture out with lipstick colours or stick to nudes? What’s your favourite lipstick colour or brand?

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